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    My Code isn't working.

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    So here is my code so far:

    name = input ("what is your name?")

    print ("Hello" , name)
    feeling = input ("Are you feeling good or bad?")
    if feeling ==("good"):
        print ("oh that's great!")
    if feeling ==("bad"):
        print ("that's terrible!")
    if not feeling ==("good,bad"):
        print ("i said can you put good or bad...")
    birthday = input ("So how old are you?")
    print (birthday,"?")
    Everything works, but if i type in good or bad into the second input, it says:
    oh that's great!
    i said can you put good or bad...
    What I was wondering is, how do i get it so it doesn't say 'i said can you put good or bad...' if you input good or bad?
    asked Sep 22, 2016 in Python by 14warringtonj (180 points)

    1 Answer

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    if not feeling ==("good,bad"):

    this might be the problem line.   So to check for not equals try

    if feeling <> "(good bad"):

    answered Sep 22, 2016 by smartin (10,770 points)
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